Boating Policy

• When transporting boats in Minnesota the plug must be

removed. Help us stop aquatic hitchhikers. Check the prop for

weeds and other debris.


• Boats are to be put in at the public access. In some cases,

they will be inspected.


• All boats must be licensed and operated in a safe manner.


• Boats must be trailered the night before departure.


• All boats must stay clear of the swimming area. It is illegal to

pass through a marked swimming area even if there is no one in

the water. Be sure you swing wide and go around.


• Dock space must be reserved. Each cabin is entitled to one dock

space free of charge.


• Insurance mandates use of life jackets on all resort equipment.

It is not acceptable to just have them in the boat. You must

wear them!


• Children (under 12) are not permitted to operate resort boats.

Teens may operate resort boats when accompanied by a parent.


• We furnish only the first tank of gas with our rentals. Let us

know when gas is needed.


• Resort equipment must be off the lake before dark. The

exception to this rule is boats equipped for night fishing.

We do rent clamp on lights for fishing after dark.


• The wake from your boat causes erosion of the shoreline.

Be sure to throttle down when coming and going.


• Be sure all equipment is moored correctly and returned to the

appropriate spot.

Pontoon Rental Policy

• We have one pontoon for all of our guests to use. So the decision

has been made to rent by the ½ day (4 hours) or full day (8 hours).

It cannot be reserved for an entire week in advance.


• To reserve the pontoon, guests must sign up each day in the office

and indicate departure time.


• Keys will be issued at the time of departure and must be turned in

when you return.


• One individual most assume the responsibility for piloting the boat

and knowledge of the rules.


• Maximum occupancy is equivalent to 8 adults. Consumption of

alcohol is prohibited.


• Be sure to remove all equipment and clean up after your group.


• We furnish only the first tank of gas. The pontoon holds 2 tanks.

Expect to pay for additional gas used. Time between groups is

needed to gas the pontoon.


• A charge of $10 per person is added to the rental fee for

individuals who are not registered resort guests.


• The weekly charge for repeated use shall not exceed $400 for

the week. Gas is extra!


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