CABIN 4 - The Bear's Den

Cabin #4 is the most centrally located cabin. Cabin occupants appreciate the ornamental crab tree out front. It allows them to sit in the shade on extremely hot summer days. In the spring when the tree is covered with pink blossoms it is beautiful. Latter in the summer when the flowers petals are on the sidewalk and berries are all over the place it is troublesome to those who try to maintain the resort.


Cabin #4 has been completely torn apart and rebuilt from the ground up. A 2 bedroom unit, it is ideally suited to the needs of a couple of fishermen or a husband and wife searching for some rest and relaxation. It can easily sleep 4 people. The floor plan has changed but the layout is similar. The bedrooms are much larger, closets were eliminated. The bathroom is a bit smaller and the kitchen is more efficient. The living room is a bit larger but dining space is minimal. A drop leaf table is provided for playing cards and eating indoors. Bedroom and living room floors are carpeted, the bathroom is tiled, and the kitchen has a laminate floor.  New kitchen appliances are an added feature.


With knotty pine on the walls and ceiling it is possible to capture that “up north” cabin feeling. You will still find black bears hiding throughout the cabin but the color pallet has changed. Wainscoting at least one wall per room allowed more color to be introduced.  Using colors found in the carpet, a color scheme evolved. The bedrooms are a soft fawn color, the bathroom is a beautiful aqua or blue-green, and the kitchen and one wall of the living area are a vibrant burgundy or deep purple


The bathroom features a tub/shower combination and a pedestal sink.  Privacy is not an issue when bedroom doors are closed.  The smaller of the two bedrooms provides a full size bed.  The main bedroom offers a couple of options.  The standard full size bed has been replaced with 2 extra long twin size beds.  The twin beds can be made up individually or together as a king size bed.  With a good mattress pad we believe you will never know your king size bed is actually 2 extra long twin beds.  Please specify how you wish to have the cabin prepared for your stay.  This option will soon be available in other cabins.  We believe good beds and clean fresh air contribute to a good night’s sleep.



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