CABIN 5 - The Deer Crossing

Out the front door of cabin #5 you have immediate access to the sundeck and main dock near the swimming area. It is the perfect location for families with kids who spend more time in the water than in their cabin. Drivers in Minnesota must watch for deer. Resort guests must watch for excited children at play. The vibrant color palate (orange,brown, green) for this cabin was pulled from nature.


Cabin #5 is a 2 bedroom cabin. Several years ago the closets were eliminated. Changes were made to make the cabin easier to clean and make better use of the space in the bedrooms. A stationery bed frame with drawers underneath was built as the focal point jutting out into the room. An open storage unit was built adjacent to the bed and another under a mirror on the wall where you enter the room. Activity in the other parts of the cabin may go unnoticed with bedroom doors closed. The bathroom has a basic vanity and tub/shower combination. Floors are carpeted in the bedrooms and living area. Furniture is comfortable and arranged in a conversational setting. Enjoy meals sitting at the large dining room table in the living area where you can watch the activity on the lake. This is also a great place to play cards.


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