CABIN 7 - The Crow's Retreat

Cabin #7 is a bright cheerful living space overlooking the lake. The area in front of the cabin is shaded by a big old maple tree but the cabin itself gets a lot of sun. A few years ago the Crow’s Retreat was rebuilt from the ground up. The original resort cabins all had the same basic layout. As the resort facilities are upgraded and improvements made the owners have experimented with a variety of floor plans always searching for a more efficient but easy to clean layout. Our close proximity to the lake makes it next to impossible to expand. A rebuilt unit must occupy the same footprint.


So as you will note the Crow’s Retreat is listed as a 2 bedroom cabin but actually has a 3rd small sleeping area furnished with a set of bunk beds. With 2 good sized bedrooms at the back, the 3rd sleeping area, and the bathroom up front just inside the door, space for activities is more limited. The kitchen and living area occupy the open space just inside the front door. They are furnished with a love seat and a small dining table and chairs. This cabin is suited to families who spent most of the day enjoying the out of doors and want a good comfortable place to sleep at night. The bedrooms are carpeted but the remainder of the cabin has tile floors. The kitchen is efficient and well equipped. Large windows and ceiling fans make it easier to sleep when summer heats things up.


The bright yellow and orange color scheme provides a background for the sunflowers and crows that decorate the walls and creates a warm friendly atmosphere. Kids who like to spend most of their time in the lake appreciate the bathroom located conveniently just inside the front door.


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