Resort Content, a busy seasonal resort on the north shore of Lake Belle Taine near Nevis, is now hiring help for the 2018 resort season.


 Jobs include a variety of tasks that may be combined or applied for as separate jobs. No set number of hours. Earn between $12 and $18 an hour. Salary discussed in interview. Loyal dependable help may qualify for a bonus at the end of the season. Workers must take pride in a job well done and demonstrate the ability to work with a minimum of supervision. A certain amount of physical stamina (good health) may be required. Employer prefers applicants respond via e-mail. Contact Jinx at for more information or call 218-652-3437 during the evening. See also: Spring Cleaning Jobs.


Weekly Cabin Cleaners

Must be available on Saturday 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM during June, July, and August. No experience necessary. We will train! New hires should participate in Spring Cleaning. Occasionally, we clean midweek. Short stays are most common in the early Spring and late Fall. Substitutes are needed throughout the summer.


Gardening & Yard Work

We have hired a lawn service to mow and trim on a regular basis. We are looking for a person interested in beautifying the place with flowers and shrubs. The job includes planting, watering, weeding, and pruning. Person hired may work a few hours five days a week or longer hours two to three days a week.


Handy Man or Woman

Individual(s) hired should possess enough physical strength to carry wood, gas tanks, and motors for fishing boats. Any mechanical knowledge or carpentry skills would be helpful. Hours include early morning and late afternoon or evening, 6 days a week. Two individuals may be hired or one individual may work a split shift. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

• Collecting Garbage and Recycling

• Cleaning Grills and Picnic Tables

• Splitting Wood and Hauling Ashes

• Sanitizing Fish Cleaning Station

• Picking up Branches & Tree Limbs

• Sweeping Decks & Walks

• Maintaining Clean Swimming Area

• Check Equipment and Rake Playground

• Service Docks

• Gas and Maintain Boats


Recreational Activities

Looking for persons with special talents they are willing to share with guests. Do you sing or play an instrument? Are you active in speech or drama? Are you artistic? What sports skills do you possess? Are you proficient with needlework and crafts? Are you an avid reader? Are you a leader? Do you enjoy working with children/adults?


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