Come explore the Lake Country Scenic Byway!

The Lake Country Scenic Byway follows Hwy. #34 from Walker to Detroit Lakes with an arm that reaches up Hwy. #71 to Itasca State Park. Each community along the byway has a unique and interesting history. As you travel the byway you will also travel back in time and learn about the people who settled here. The communities along the byway were home to trappers, traders, farmers, and lumberjacks. They came because of the beauty and abundance of natural resources. Today, the small communities along the byway continue to thrive. The Lake Country Scenic Byway is a vacation paradise.


Nevis is proud to be the Gateway to the Paul Bunyan State Forest and home to “World’s Largest Tiger Muskie”.

Directly north of Nevis is the Paul Bunyan State Forest, a largely uninhabited wilderness area. It encompasses more than 72,000 acres of terrain that’s rough and hilly, with many tiny bogs, ponds, and lakes. There are groomed and ungroomed snowmobile trails and a variety of challenging mountain bike trails. ATV and OHM enthusiasts will enjoy the area. Hidden in this remote sanctuary are some excellent fishing spots. It is also a great place for horseback riding and hiking. The forest is home to hundreds of species of birds and other forms of wildlife. You will want to bring your camera.


Nevis is located on the northeast shores of Lake Belle Taine. Years ago, Lake Belle Taine was best known for its muskie fishing. In the center of town sits a large statue of a muskie built in the early 1950’s. The town is remembered by all who visit here as the home of “World’s Largest Tiger Muskie”. Every summer folks gather with family and friends in July to celebrate “Muskie Days”.


Our most popular area tourist

attraction is Itasca State Park.

Just north of Park Rapids, Itasca State Park is about a 45 minute drive and can provide more than a full day of activity. Here the Mississippi River begins its journey to the Gulf of Mexico. Within the park there are many opportunities to learn about wildlife and plants native to Minnesota. So get your feet wet at the Headwaters, take an excursion boat ride on the lake, bike one of the nature trails, visit the many interpretive centers and learn about the history of the park and the people who settled here. Don’t forget to have lunch at Douglas Lodge before you shop for souvenirs.


Hike, bike, run, or glide the Heartland Trail.

The 49-mile Heartland Trail runs from Park Rapids to Cass Lake and may soon extend to Detroit Lakes. The railroad line through Nevis was abandoned years ago. In its place, we have the Heartland Trail. The first trail of its kind in Minnesota, the Heartland Trail was recently widened, resurfaced, and linked to the Paul Bunyan Trail. Nevis is the most centrally located stop along the bike trail. In the center of town is a park with picnic tables and playground equipment. Be sure to stop and have your picture taken in front of the “Muskie”. What? You didn’t bring your bikes! Well, you can rent them in Nevis.


Two other stops you will want to make along the way are Dorset, just 6 miles to the west of Nevis and Akeley, 6 miles to the east of Nevis.  Stroll down Dorset’s famous boardwalks to explore the unique shops and sample the cuisine. Dorset’s title is “restaurant capital of the world”, with more restaurants per capita than any other city. The first week in August people come from all over for the “Taste of Dorset” celebration. You will also want to stop in Akeley to have your picture taken sitting in the hand of the 50-foot statue of Paul Bunyan. An old logging community, Akeley lays claim to being the birthplace of the legendary Paul Bunyan. Years ago Akeley was home to The Red River Lumber Co. and one of the largest sawmills in the state. Akeley is home to the Woodtick Theater where everyone can enjoy Branson style music in a Northwood’s setting.


It is a simple, but meaningful lifestyle.

Logging is and has always been a way of life in northern Minnesota. The tales of the legendary Paul Bunyan and Babe, his blue ox, vary from community to community. This tree cutting giant is definitely our largest and most famous area resident.


Nevis, once an old logging camp and railway stop, is a prosperous small community. It has a diverse economic base in which tourism plays a major role. Nevis is well known throughout the state for its excellent school system. Nevis is home to a variety of churches, light industry, and many year round and seasonal businesses. Visit downtown Nevis and you will find a laundromat, grocery store, several restaurants, couple of gas/convenience stores, bars with dining facilities, post office, lumber yard, liquor store, newspaper office, beauty shop, gift shop, antique store, bike rental shop, miniature golf course, coffee house with wireless internet, city administrative offices, funeral home, fire hall, apartments, and senior citizen center.


Nevis is a hub of activity.

Nevis has one of the nicest public beaches in the area and a handicapped accessible fishing pier. There is a boat ramp at the public access at the edge of town. Nevis hosts several events in addition to “Muskie Days” in July. With its proximity to Lake Belle Taine and the Heartland Trail running right through town it is the perfect setting for the Northwood’s Triathlon (swim, bike, run) held in early August. Two fishing tournaments take place annually on Lake Belle Taine. The first is the Gene Cirks Memorial Catch and Release Tournament in June. The other is the Nevis Scholarship Fund Junior Tournament for young anglers held in early September.


Nevis is a popular vacation destination.

Minnesota is not only the “land of 10,000 lakes” but it is also the “land of opportunity”. Our state bird is the common loon and our state flower is the lady slipper. Come to the heart of Minnesota where blueberries grow wild and wild rice is harvested. Learn to identify the various kinds of mushrooms and spot a monarch butterfly. Appreciate the tall Norway pines and feast on a menu of walleye for supper.


The tall whispering pines, the many area lakes, and the abundance of wildlife are reasons Nevis is a popular vacation destination. Come to where the people are friendly and the recreational opportunities abundant. The relaxed lifestyle and the picture perfect setting have coaxed many an artist, writer, musician, craftsman, and entrepreneur to make Nevis their home. Nevis has distinguished itself as one of the most enjoyable vacation destinations in north-central Minnesota. So follow your heart. Answer the call of the loon. Come to Nevis! Resort Content has a cabin waiting for you.


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