The rate sheet indicates the number each cabin sleeps as a range based on the beds available. Please note rates are quoted based on the lower number. This is standard or basic occupancy. Typically, a 2- bedroom cabin sleep 4, a 3- bedroom cabin sleeps 6, and a 4-bedroom cabin sleeps 8. Most of our cabins will sleep additional guests on a sofa sleeper in the living area or by providing bunk beds, trundle beds or several beds in one room. However, we charge additional for these guests. It is important not to exceed the maximum listed. When you have questions, please inquire.

Prime Time – Prime time runs from the middle of June until the middle of August. We prefer to rent our cabins on a weekly basis during the peak of the resort season. Short stays of 3 or more days are possible when space is available but will not be booked a year in advance.



Check & Compare

We encourage you to check our rates and compare them with other vacation destinations. We can turn your vacation dreams into a reality. We offer great accommodations at a reasonable price.



We do not accept credit cards

(cash, personal check, money order). Cabin rent must be paid in full when you check in.



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