General Information

Special package deals typically feature the shoulder seasons, early spring and late fall.

Hot Deals exist either because a cabin is not booked, or a cancellation occurred.

Hot Deals appear first in late February or early March. We only offer one major

regular discount, a military tribute. We say, “Thank You” and “Come Again”

by offering PERKS.


Regular Discounts - 2018


Military Service

We appreciate your service to this great country of ours. Service men and women

(active duty) and their family qualify for a 10% discount on any stay of 1 week or more.



What are Perks? – Perks are POINTS that can be redeemed by staying with us a

second time during the current season. Each point equals a dollar. It is our way of

saying “Thank You” and “Come Again”. The length of the second stay must be

equal to or greater than the first. Points are not transferable and must be used

during the 2018 season. Points are calculated by dividing the amount paid for

lodging by 10. Tax is not included.


We advertise or post booking incentives throughout the year.

Any discounts or specials are posted first on our website and Facebook page.

Our other advertising sources varies from year to year.


Saving Dollars – Formula for Success

Please note the following conditions apply to all special offerings:

  1. You must request any discount be applied to your stay when making a reservation.
  2. You will need to identify the advertising media or source of the promotion.
  3. Regular Discounts, Special Package Deals, and/or Hot Deals cannot be combined.
  4. Often discounts apply to a specific cabin, dates, and are available only for a limited time.
  5. Don’t ask to cancel an existing reservation to take advantage of a new opportunity
  6. Remember, we don’t post vacancies on our website. Any special is subject to space available.

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