RESERVATIONS - 1-877-726-7716

  • All rates are subject to change annually.
  • A reservation is not binding until confirmed.
  • We will hold a phone or e-mail reservation 7-10 days.

  • Please fill out a registration card for each cabin booked.
  • A deposit of $350 per week per cabin is required.
  • Short stays must be paid in full when reserved.

  • The resort week begins and ends on Saturday.
  • Our policy is to not book less than a 3-night stay.
  • Short stays will not be reserved a year in advance.

  • Cabin rent is due and payable at the time you check in.
  • Guests are expected to pay for the entire stay booked.
  • Early departure doesn’t mean you get a refund.

  • We do not accept credit cards.
  • We will accept cash, personal check, or money order.
  • Deposits are not refundable. Deposits ($) are a credit.
  • Credits may be used toward a future stay.

  • Cabins may sleep a range (3-5 or 4-6).
  • Rate quotes are based on the lower number.
  • The other number is maximum occupancy.
  • Extra person chg. is $25/day or $125/wk. per person.
  • Occupancy totals include infants and children.

  • We use the registration card to prepare for your stay.
  • Boats must be reserved. Deposit paid when booked.
  • Dock space (1 FREE) must be requested in advance.
  • Incidental expenses paid the final night of your stay.
  • Inquire about charging boats/additional dock space.


  • Everyone on the resort must report to the office.
  • This includes overnight guests/day visitors.
  • This is the law. Office hours are posted.
  • Each cabin may entertain 2-day visitors/no charge.
  • The min. charge for additional guests $10 each.
  • Visitors will be charge for the use of equipment.


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