RESERVATIONS - 1-877-726-7716

• All rates are subject to change annually.

• A reservation is not binding until a confirmation is issued.

• Guests are expected to pay for the entire stay booked.


• Cabin rent is due and payable at the time you check in.

• Incidentals must be paid the last night of your stay.

• Remember, we are not set up to accept credit cards.


• We will hold a telephone or e-mail reservation for 7-10 days.

• Then we must have a deposit of $350 per week per cabin.

• Deposits are not refundable.  Deposits ($) are a credit.

• Credits may be used to book a future stay or by family or friends.


• Each cabin has a minimum and maximum occupancy.

• Rates quoted are based on minimum occupancy.

• We charge for all additional persons (including infants).

• Our extra person charge is $100 per wk./$20 per day.

• We reserve the right to limit the number of occupants.


• All resort guests and any visitors must be registered.

• Office hours are posted.  Remind visitors to sign in.

• Visitors may be charged for the use of equipment.

• Guests may entertain (2 visitors at a time) free of charge.

• All additional visitors pay $10 per day per person.


• Our reservations normally run Saturday to Saturday.

• Our policy is to charge for a minimum of 3 day/night stay

• Short stays (prime time) won’t be booked a year in advance.


• Boats and motors must be reserved (paid in advance).

• We offer one dock space per cabin free of charge.

• However, dock space for your boat must be reserved.

• Inquire if electrical hook-up or additional dock space is needed.



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