General Information

Special package deals typically feature the shoulder seasons, early spring and late fall.

Hot Deals exist either because a cabin is not booked, or a cancellation occurred.

Hot Deals appear first in late February or early March. We only offer one Regular Discount

on a routine basis. It pays tribute to our military families. What are PERKS? It is our way

of saying “Thank You” and “Come Again” to our resort guests.


Special Package Deals – 2018


Working Vacation

Family and friends stay free during Memorial Weekend by offering a helping hand.

Projects vary each season. No specific skills are needed. If you have a talent that

might be useful, let us know. Meals are potluck. There is always time to relax

and have FUN!


Welcome Spring 2018 – Double the Fun!

This is our most popular savings feature. Book a 2 week stay between May 12th

and June 16th. You will pay full price for week #1, ½ price for week #2.

Rates are much lower as we ease into summer.


Welcome Spring 2018 – Mini Vacation!

Design Your Own Package






Saving Dollars – Formula for Success

Please note the following conditions apply to all special offerings:

  1. You must request any discount be applied to your stay when making a reservation.
  2. You will need to identify the advertising media or source of the promotion.
  3. Regular Discounts, Special Package Deals, and/or Hot Deals cannot be combined.
  4. Often discounts apply to a specific cabin, dates, and are available only for a limited time.
  5. Don’t ask to cancel an existing reservation to take advantage of a new opportunity
  6. Remember, we don’t post vacancies on our website. Any special is subject to space available.

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